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Paris covered passages

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Paris covered passages

La galerie Vérot-Dodat

Presentation :

New metal framing techniques developed at the end of the 18th century allowed the construction of the covered passages. Dedicated to luxury fashion design, these passages attracted crowds from accross Europe and significantly contributed to Paris being acknowledged as the capital of the 19th century. These passageways allowed people for over fifty years to walk around and visit the many beautiful shops and their elegant decor. These shopfronts are covered with beautiful glass-windows allowing them to retain an old-fashioned charm. This unusual walk will allow you to discover the Vero Dodat Gallery, the Galleries of the Palais Royal, the Vivienne Gallery, the Choiseul Passage, the Panoramas Passage, the Jouffroy Passage and the Verdeau Passage.

La coupole de la galerie Vivienne

Usefull information  :

– Meeting point : Vérot-Dodat Gallery entrance, 19 rue Jean-Jacques Rousseau.
– Duration : 2 hours
– Guided tour in English

Important : your group must be formed beforehand.
We cannot link single people to a group.

Prices :

– group package package up to 5 people : 100 €
– group package from 6 to 9 people : 120 €
– group from 10 people : 13 € per participant
– children less than 13 years : 8 €
– school groups or students : 10 € per participant (minimum 10 participants).

Booking :

To book a guided tour, thank you for completing our form. We will get back to you shortly.

Le passage des Panaromas

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