Guided tour
Art nouveau in Paris

Guided tour Art nouveau in Paris
Le Castel Béranger d'Hector Guimard

The Castel Béranger

Born at the turn of the 20th century, the Art Nouveau artistic movement lasted approximately 10 years before the Art Deco and the Modern movements brought radical changes to architecture.

Hector Guimard, the most iconic architect of Art Nouveau in Paris, designed in the 16th district the Castel Béranger, the Hotel Mezzara and the immeuble Jassédé : polychromy, assymetry, curved and countercurved designs as well as the frequent use of floral and animal decorations are typical of this architectural movement.

During our tour, we will also mention other architects such as Ernest Herscher and Joachim Richard, and discuss the famous Art Deco studio building by Henri Sauvage.

The Castel Béranger

The Castel Béranger

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Usefull information  :

– Meeting point : 14 rue Jean de la Fontaine, in front of The Castel Béranger
– Duration : 2 hours
– Guided tour in English

Prices :

– family/friends package (up to 5 people) : 100 €
– group package from 6 to 9 people : 120 €
– group from 10 people : 13 € per participant
– children less than 13 years : 8 €
– school groups or students : 10 € per participant (minimum 10 participants).

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L'hôtel Guimard

The Guimard hôtel