Guided tour
Paris and its courtesans

Guided tour Paris and its courtesans
L'entrée du Chabanais, l'un des plus célèbres lupanards parisiens

Le Chabanais, one of the most famous brothels

Presentation :

The now disappeared world of the escorts and courtesans is the theme of this unconventional but interesting tour through a Paris that no longer exists.

The Palais Royal, now totally respectable, was once the meeting place for the escorts de luxe to meet with their clientele. Rue Chabanais was the site of the most famous brothel during the 3rd Republic, often attracting heads of state as a tourist attraction. We are also going to visit the districts of the Lorettes and Cocottes, both areas where the decadent Paris flourished.

We only take reservations for groups. We cannot  link single people to a group.

Usefull information  :

– Meeting point : place Colette, in front of “kiosque des Noctambules”
– Duration : 2 hours
– Guided tour in English

Prices :

– family/friends package (up to 5 people) : 100 €
– group package from 6 to 9 people : 120 €
– group from 10 people : 13 € per participant
– students : 10 € per participant (minimum 10 participants).

Booking :

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