Guided tour
Paris’ high-towers

Guided tour Paris’ high-towers

Croulebarbe tower

Presentation :

New York city and Chicago are homes to the first skyscrapers ever built in the 1880’s. In 1903 the architect which was Auguste Perret built the first residential high-tower in Paris (rue Franklin) 33 meters height but it was not until 1967 that the first parisian high-tower (the Albert tower, with 61 meters) was erected in the 13th arrondissement.

Our tour will allow us to explore the most iconic towers of this district, from the Croulebarbe tower to the Olympiades through the national library and the Duo towers and understand the new environmental challenges of modern construction.

Tolbiac center

We only take reservations for groups. We cannot  link single people to a group.

Usefull information  :

– Meeting point : 33 rue Croulebarbe
– Duration : 2 hours
– Guided tour in English

Prices :

– family/friends package (up to 5 people) : 100 €
– group package from 6 to 9 people : 120 €
– group from 10 people : 13 € per participant
– children less than 13 years : 8 €
– school groups or students : 10 € per participant (minimum 10 participants).

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Duo towers